move freely and joyfully through life!

move freely and joyfully through life

***Golden Lotus Yoga Studio is closed until further notice***

Move better. Feel better. Live life fully.

At Golden Lotus Yoga Studio, helping you feel awesome in your body and unlimited in your life is what we’re all about. Using a special blend of yoga and holistic modalities, we’ll help you heal, strengthen, and better understand your body so that you can thrive.

Make time for Self Care

Take an active role in your health and life.  Give yourself what you need to flourish.

Make movement feel good again

Regain mobility and strength and move with more ease.

Make calm your new normal

Reverse the effects of stress in your life.  Keep your mind quiet and clear.

New to Golden Lotus?

We offer yoga classes for all levels, bodies, and ages as well as top of the line yoga teacher trainings that are raising the bar in our industry. We keep our classes small because we believe in focusing on relationships (not numbers) and creating an intimate experience in our cozy studio.

New to Yoga?

No need to worry. You don’t have to be super bendy or wear only spandex. You won’t find your classmates doing headstands on lotus flowers (well, maybe in some classes). Yoga is for everyone, of all abilities. All you need to do is make time for yourself and show up. Start where you are. Take it step by step. We’ll work together, and we’ll have fun doing it. Promise!

Learn more about our classes or check out our FAQs. Better yet, sign up for a class today.

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