Therapeutic Yoga
Instructed and supervised by health care professionals, this class is great for anyone wanting to move slowly and safely. It is modifiable for injuries or aches and pains – whether chronic pain, a recent injury, or stiffness from the weekend adventures. Includes guided body awareness, breathing, relaxation, therapeutic exercises, ball massage and gentle yoga poses to improve movement, release the tight spots, stretch and strengthen. Especially good for the nervous beginners.

Happy Hips and Back
A lively flow-style practice ending in soothing restorative poses designed to balance strength and softness. Safely increase range of motion by practicing healthy alignment and releasing tension in the tight areas of the body so that you can breathe more easily, reduce soreness and pain, and enjoy more freedom of movement.

Tantra Yoga
Take a deep breath in, and exhale into your practice, body and soul.
The structure of the Tantra series has 3 main parts: The warm up (either standing or seated), the Tridosha Balancing series/Savasana, and Makraasana- the Crocodile. Each class will be similar yet different, exploring different movements of the series while following the base structure of the class.
“When the subconscious learns, thanks to Tantra Yoga, that the body is not as firm as it appears, that it is energy and that every cell dances constantly, it also notices that you have the power to move your body without effort, simply intention. The body flows into the Asanas with lightness. You discover that you can use this tool in your everyday life, with a clear intention as to the ideas that come from inside you, exactly when you experience a deep state of relaxation.” – Iris Disse

All Levels Flow
This alignment-based, all levels flow class is suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis. It is a great way to stay grounded in the transition from work to home, or from day to evening. This class will encourage a connection to a deep and calming breath and allow you to reconnect to yourself.

emPOWERed Flow
A vigorous vinyasa flow class designed to empower you! Let your best self shine through guided meditation to clear the clutter from your mind. Find your strength through core work to spark your inner fire. Develop confidence with deliberate sequences and balances to help you safely and playfully find your edge.

Yin + Yoga Nidra
The first portion of this practice will be yin postures, connecting with a slow pace moon energy. In yin you hold the postures anywhere from 3-10 minutes to allow the connective tissues of the body to open up. Once the physical body is free from tension, it will prepare you for a guided meditation in savasana, yoga nidra known as yoga sleep. Yoga nidra is a healing, and relaxing practice that allows the practitioner to set an intention for lifelong health, happiness, and success. You will also connect with opening up deeper layers of your consciousness through body awareness, breathing exercises, and guided imagery. 1 hour of yoga nidra is as restful at 4 hours sleep, so come rejuvenate your body, mind, and energy with this stress releasing practice.

Restorative Yoga
Through connection to breath and increased body awareness this gentle and restorative class is designed to increase ease of movement and comfort no matter how you are feeling. This class is for all bodies, including bodies that are stiff, tired, injured or in pain! Come, relax and give yourself some well-deserved love and care.  The addition of crystal singing bowls will be offered until mid-April. 

Beginner – Level 2
Continue to grow your yoga practice by developing your body and mind! Deepen your knowledge of yogic philosophy, build strength and flexibility with your asana practice and explore meditation and mantra.
This 8 week pre-registered course is open to all levels of students.

Gentle Flow & Meditation
In the first portion of this class we consciously pair breath and slow-flow movement in order to prepare for the second portion of the class: stillness. You will have the opportunity to explore postures safely so that they can be made accessible for your own body and mind, as each of us is truly unique! Once space has been created in the tissues of the body, you will settle into creating space in the mind through meditation. Differently styles of meditation will be offered so that you have the chance to discover what style best connects with you. All experience levels welcome!

Core Flow
Join us for this lunch hour class that will help build functional deep core strength and stability. Suitable for all bodies and all levels! We will start each class with stability work so late arrivals are welcome! We will learn to engage the deep core muscles and then take that core activation through a delicious flow sequence helping you feel refreshed and energized before heading back to work, school, or your daily tasks! Expect the class to be playful, and laughter to be prevalent!

A basic but challenging class designed to strengthen and stretch the body so you can shred harder, longer, and get hurt less. No yoga experience necessary.

Yin – Yang

Yin is a slow, deep practice to improve your range of motion and help you focus your mind and your breath. For the yin portion of the class, expect to hold poses for a long time and use lots of props. New this session – adding some Yang with a bit of movement and flow sprinkled in throughout the class.

Hatha yoga is about creating balance in the body. Using asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work) and meditation, this class offers strength, flexibility, ease in body and peace of mind. All levels welcome.

Slow Flow
A slow moving class, with clear instructions and time to get settled into each pose. This gentle, therapeutic based lunch hour class will rejuvenate you for the rest of your day!

Gentle Flow
Encouraging a connection to a deep and calming breath, this alignment-based, mellow class features meditation, slow flow, stretching and strengthening. It is gentle, yet active and versatile. Suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis.

$5 Fridays
Different teachers will be offering a variety of styles and classes. Come with an open mind and heart! These classes can be FULL! Please come early or sign up online.

Hatha Explore
Hatha yoga is about creating balance in the body. Using asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work) and meditation, this class offers strength, flexibility, ease in body and peace of mind. All levels welcome. Each class we will spend some time exploring a different posture with the intention to challenge and inspire!

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