Core Flow

Join us for this morning class that will help build functional deep core strength and stability. Suitable for all bodies and all levels! We will learn to engage the deep core muscles and then take that core activation through a delicious flow sequence helping you feel refreshed and energized before heading to work, school, or your daily tasks! Expect the class to be playful, and laughter to be prevalent!


Qigong & Chanting

Experience the next level of healing by adding the wisdom of sound to Qigong. The core elements of Qigong are: Breath, Visualization, Movement and Sound. In this class series we will explore the sound aspect by way of chanting.
Each class will include a qigong practice and group chanting experience so that you walk away feeling refreshed and energized. Strengthen your aura and induce healing through chanting. Different sounds and tones produce vibrations that resonate with the different organ systems. Come out to learn and experience the specific chants that work for your own body!
Beginners to experienced welcome! All movement can be done seated, standing or lying down. Chairs, blankets and props provided.


Vinyasa Flow

A playful, hot, and sweaty vinyasa flow class designed to light your fire, burn excess fat and rid yourself of other stored energies that no longer serve you.  Options will be given for all experience levels, but previous yoga experience would be helpful as this is a faster moving, more energetic class.


Gentle Flow

Encouraging a connection to a deep and calming breath, this mellow class features meditation, slow flow, stretching and strengthening. It is gentle, yet active and versatile. Suitable for beginners and seasoned yogis.


Power Vinyasa

This powerful vinyasa flow class will create strength and space in your body. Come ready to breathe, move, and be challenged. Leave feeling possibility and empowerment in your body and your life! 

Options will be given for all experience levels, but previous yoga experience would be helpful as this is a faster moving, more energetic class.


Yin Yoga

Come in the mood to stretch and relax in this slow paced yin class. In yin, the postures are held anywhere from 3-10 minutes to allow the connective tissues of the body to open up. Some restorative aspects will be incorporated throughout the practice, as well as pranayama. This class is welcoming for beginners and for anyone looking for more of a relaxation class.


Morning Movement & Meditation

Move your body and quiet your mind in this class designed to start your day right.  The purpose of yoga postures (asana) is to allow the body to sit comfortably in meditation – to still the minds chatter and allow a quiet, blissful peace to emerge. 

Start the class with a variety of movements to warm up the physical body – yoga asana exploration promoting mobility, stability and comfort.  Learn the basics of meditation and practice different ways of being in stillness and silence to promote peace of mind.  All levels welcome, no yoga experience necessary.



This is a slow moving, mindful class that is focused on joint mobility, muscle balance, gentle strengthening and stretching.  Classes are often tailored to a specific area of the body, and may include a variety of physiotherapy exercises, simple yoga postures, breath work, relaxation techniques, and interesting tidbits of information from Kristie’s physio and yoga background. 

This class is popular for those in pain, recovering from injuries, or who simply want to get their body moving in a slow and safe way.



Pre-Registered! A basic but challenging class designed to strengthen and stretch the body so you can shred harder, longer, and get hurt less. No yoga experience necessary.


Restorative Yoga

Through connection to breath and increased body awareness this gentle and restorative flow is designed to increase ease of movement and comfort no matter how you are feeling. This class is for all bodies, including bodies that are stiff, tired, injured or in pain! Come, relax and give yourself some well-deserved love and care.


Breathe & Flow

Encouraging a connection to a deep and calming breath, this class features meditation, flow, stretching and strengthening.
Welcoming beginner and intermediate students, the practice will be guided in a way which offers many options to suit different bodies.


Happy Hips and Back

Pre-registered! Happy Hips and Back is now being offered as a pre-registered, progressive course.  This gives you an opportunity to submit an orientation questionnaire to Alana prior to the class and develop a personalized practice according to your body throughout the course.  Safely increase range of motion by practicing healthy alignment and releasing tension in the tight areas of the body so that you can breathe more easily, reduce soreness and pain, and enjoy more freedom of movement.


Flow Yoga

This is a moderate-intermediate flow class designed to help you tune into your body and deepen your strength and flexibility. There will be a strong focus on connecting to your own body and using your body and breath as a guide. The class is suitable for those on lunch breaks as it is an hour long.


$5 Friday’s

Different teachers will be offering a variety of styles and classes. Come with an open mind and heart! These classes can be FULL! Please come early or sign up online.



Hatha yoga is about creating balance in the body. Using asana (postures), Pranayama (breath work) and meditation, this class offers strength, flexibility, ease in body and peace of mind. All levels welcome.


Yin-Yang Yoga

Flow yoga & strengthening poses, finishing off with a meditative yin sequence.



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