Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the yoga studio? Where is the entrance/how do I get in?
The studio is located upstairs at 802 Park Drive, above Element Therapeutics. The main floor entrance is to Element Therapeutics. To get to the yoga studio, come up the stairs around the back of the building.
Where should I park?
Street parking is available along with some parking spaces around back.
What should I wear?
Comfortable clothes work best. Wear something you can move in. Yoga is usually done barefoot, so there is no need to bring any special footwear.
What should a guy wear?
Comfortable clothes that you can move in. Men usually choose to wear shorts, sweatpants, or other comfortable fitness clothes. Spandex not required 😉
What should I bring?
You can bring your own yoga mat and a water bottle if you like. The studio has mats, yoga props, water, and tea available in class, so you are welcome to show up with just yourself. We have you covered!
What are my payment options? Can I pay in class? Can I sign up and pay online ahead of time?

We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer, and credit card. You can buy a single class or a 10 class pass online through our website or through the Mindbody app.
If you’re joining us for a drop-in class, you can pay when you arrive at your class.
Workshops or pre-registered series usually require pre-payment. 

What if I signed up and then can’t make it?
Please cancel your reservation prior to the class if you can’t make it. We appreciate 24-hour notice but understand that things can come up last minute.
Do I need to sign up in advance for classes?
For drop-in classes, no. You can if you like, but it isn’t necessary.
We try our best to hold spots for those who signed up ahead of time, but classes are first come, first serve for people who show up in person. Unfortunately, we get some online registrations for classes that don’t show up, so we can’t guarantee your online registration holds your spot. Sometimes, registering ahead of time helps to keep you accountable and attending classes regularly, and we wholeheartedly support this!
For pre-registered classes, advance registration and payment is required. Rarely, there are spaces for drop-ins in these classes, but we can’t guarantee that there will be a spot available. Your best bet is to get in touch with the teacher and ask if space may be available. We take drop-ins on a case by case basis.
Is there space in a class for me?
Drop-in classes almost always have space. Showing up a little early is a good idea – it’s nice to check in and get yourself settled prior to the class start time.
Our $5 Friday classes tend to be quite busy, so showing up early is advised!
All drop-in spots are on a first come, first serve basis.
Pre-registered classes may or may not have space. Please contact the teacher directly to see if there is space available.
How early should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 5 minutes early for your class. Late entries can be disruptive and there may not be space available if you arrive late.
Teachers arrive 15 minutes prior to class. If there are massage therapists working upstairs, the door may be open prior to this time frame. Please come in and wait quietly. If the door is locked, not to worry, the teacher will arrive shortly!
I’ve never done yoga before, where should I start?

A pre-registered Beginner series is a great place to start. Alternatively, Physio-Yoga is a slow and gentle class with lots of modifications offered, especially if you have any pain or injuries. Many of the classes on our summer schedule are beginner friendly.  Check out our class descriptions page for more info on the classes currently being offered.
Our teachers love working with new students and are happy to show you around the studio and help you get settled. Arrive a few minutes early to let your instructor know that you’re new to yoga so they can give you extra support and attention during class.

I’m nervous to take my first class. What if I look stupid?
Remember—everyone in class started as a newbie once, too. You’re among friends here. This is a judgment-free space. Yoga isn’t a competition or about looking a certain way. Each person is focused on their own practice and experience on the mat, not on other people in the room.
At your first class, take a deep breath, give yourself a pat on the back for showing up and saying yes to YOU, and take things one step at a time. We’ll guide the way.
What if I can’t do some poses?
No problem. Our teachers are happy to help you modify poses that may be difficult for you. There are various ways to use yoga props to assist you, or you are always welcome to do an alternate position to keep your body feeling safe and comfortable. We are here to help you learn the postures and ease into a yoga practice that works with your body. Please don’t feel obligated to turn yourself into a pretzel in your first (or tenth) class!
Can I eat before a class?
Yes, but avoid eating a large meal before class. Ideally, eat an hour or two before you come.
Can I do yoga with an injury or health issue?

Absolutely! However, it depends on your specific injury or health issue. It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor prior to starting any physical activity program. Yoga involves physical postures and breathing exercises that may not be safe for certain conditions. Sometimes, it’s best to wait for healing or to avoid certain postures/classes based on your diagnosis. That being said, yoga is a wonderful way to navigate injury or disease. The key is to find a class/instructor that is suitable for your condition. Not all yoga is good for all injuries or conditions, so please be mindful of that. Consider booking a private physio-yoga session to discuss your specific condition or injury and find out what would be most suitable for you.

Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant?
Yes! We have prenatal yoga classes specifically for expecting moms. These classes are run on a pre-registered basis, when there is enough demand. If you are interested in joining a prenatal yoga class, please email us at
What does Namaste mean?
What does Namaste mean?
Namaste has a lot of different translations. Most simply, it is a greeting, like “hello” or “goodbye.” The literal translation is “I bow to you.”
It is the acknowledgment of one soul to another. Some variations on the meaning include:

  • My soul honours your soul.
  • The light in me sees the light in you.
  • The divine in me recognizes the divine in you.

Our favourite explanation of Namaste is “My heart/soul honours yours. I honour the place inside you where the whole universe resides. I honor the beauty, the love, the light; for it is the same within me. In sharing these things, we are united as one.”

Do I have to say Om?
No. You don’t ever have to do anything in a yoga class that you aren’t comfortable with.
Om is simply a sound or vibration. It is said to be the universal sound. We could get really deep into this explanation—and we encourage you to learn more if you are interested—but the short answer here is no, you don’t have to chant Om. You are welcome to sit and listen and soak up the vibrations of the sound from those around you. There’s no need to be shy though, give it a try!
Do you have any new student deals?
Yep! New students get a week of unlimited classes for only $45. A perfect way to sample our classes and teachers and find your favorites.
I’m vacationing in Golden for a few days. Do you have any special deals for me?
If you’ve never been to our studio before, you’re welcome to take advantage of our new student deal. Join us for a week of unlimited classes for only $45.

Studio Etiquette

We share the space with Element Therapeutics massage therapists and other health practitioners, so please come in and leave quietly.

Please be mindful of body scents and perfumes. We try our best to keep the studio space scent-free, as some people are sensitive to certain smells, chemicals, and other forms of scent. We are encouraging deep breathing in a relatively small space, so please keep the smells minimal.  

If you are not feeling well, we encourage you to rest and recover at home.

Please turn cell phones off to avoid disruption to the yoga class and the therapists working across the hall.

Still have questions?

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