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Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers & Health Professionals

Deepen your knowledge. Become an exceptional practitioner.

Self-Care for Health Caregivers: Preventing Burnout and Empathic Distress Through Yoga

With Shelly Prosko, BSc.PT, PYT, CPI, C-IAYT – Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist, Pilates Instructor
May 4-5, 2019
Early bird $495 + GST

Whether you are suffering from or experiencing the stages of professional burnout or whether you are overly empathetic and feel you are fatiguing and burning out from your continual role as a healthcare provider or other professional who cares for people on a daily basis, this 2 day course in the beautiful mountains is for you.

Shelly is a physical therapist and yoga therapist that is dedicated to educating, inspiring and empowering people to create and sustain overall health and well-being, including those living with pain and recovering from injury AND those who care for them. Shelly has over 21 years of experience in the integration of yoga into healthcare and offers continuing education courses and speaks at medical, wellness and yoga therapy conferences worldwide.

This course is designed to be informative, inspiring and educational as well as offer you tools and direct experience with self-care activities informed by yoga practices and philosophies. Many of the practices and information can be integrated immediately into the clinical setting and into your own home self-practice.

This course is highly sought after and one of Shelly’s most popular and requested courses.

Learning objectives:

    • Define burnout (BO) and empathic distress (ED), particularly as it relates to the health care practitioner.
    • Discuss what compassion science is saying surrounding the myth of ‘Compassion Fatigue’
    • Outline 2 models of burnout including risk factors, warning signs, stages and characteristics.
    • Compare compassion satisfaction vs ‘compassion fatigue’ or empathic distress.
    • Discuss the ways in which practicing yoga may help prevent and manage symptoms of BO and ED and help promote longevity and vitality in work-life balance. Includes defining yoga, outlining 8 limbs of yoga, and using a pancha maya kosha approach.
    • Discuss how we can continue to provide compassionate and empathetic care for our patients, at the same time reducing risk of BO + ED by using yoga methods and philosophy.
    • Briefly discuss how integrating a yoga approach into your current patient treatments may help improve compassion satisfaction and empathy, optimize quality of care for our clients, and help prevent BO + ED.
    • Learn a variety of immediate techniques and practical tips to integrate into your daily routine at your workplace and at home. A list of resources is included.
    • Participate in experiential yoga practices that include meditation and mindfulness techniques, pranayama (breath practices), asana (physical poses), and other movement integrated with yoga philosophy to address components of self care that can help inspire you on your path to restore balance, vitality, peace, and reconnection to your authentic self and purpose.


Shelly Prosko, Physical Therapist, Professional Yoga Therapist and Pilates instructor, is a highly respected pioneer in the area of PhysioYoga Therapy, a combination of Physical Therapy and yoga. Her mission is to educate, inspire and empower people to create health by authentically sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience as she travels extensively offering specialty PhysioYoga Therapy courses, offering online continuing education courses, presenting at medical conferences and yoga therapy symposiums, lecturing at medical college programs, teaching at numerous yoga therapy programs, teaching Life is Now Pain Care Yoga courses, instructing at Blissology yoga teacher trainings, offering individual assessments and treatments, and actively promoting the integration of yoga into our current healthcare system.

Her courses have been well received by health care professionals, yoga therapists, yoga teachers, yoga students and the general population. She is dedicated to bridging the gap between modern healthcare and yoga and believes both approaches offer value and are a perfect blend for effectively addressing health, wellness and rehabilitation.

More about Shelly at

Resistance Stretching – Strengthen to Lengthen

Adding more dimension to your movement, rehab, and mobility skillset

with Jules Mitchell & Charlie Reid
July 12th – 14th, 2019
$595 + GST

Jules Mitchell and Charlie Reid present this comprehensive 3-day course that focuses on resistance stretching as both a practice and an assessment tool. Resistance stretching is a practice well utilized across disciplines, including yoga teachers, fitness professionals, as well as massage/manual therapists. Where most stretching techniques utilize passive methods, this approach puts the student/client in the driver’s seat, making for a safe and effective hands on approach to mobility and control through a range of motion. Yoga teachers without much hands on adjustments training will develop skills in compassionate touch while learning about resistance, load, and muscle contraction types. Practitioners with high level experience in hands on approaches will be able to apply the concepts in this course to their current protocols, expanding their treatment toolbox. Beyond the stretching techniques, Jules and Charlie troubleshoot mobility issues as they arise, providing you with insight into their talent for assessment and exercise/pose selection. As a result, you get a comprehensive program that includes the biomechanical and neuromechanical theory behind the system, dozens of stretches, mobility drills, dosage guidelines, and problem solving. You’ll also get plenty of hands-on practical training, enabling you to apply these methods immediately after the course.

More About Your Instructors

Jules Mitchell:

Jules Mitchell MS, CMT, ERYT500 is a Las Vegas based yoga teacher, educator, and massage therapist. Her unique approach blends the tradition of yoga with her extensive study in biomechanics to help teachers develop their craft and empower them with education. Jules’s methods intend to achieve ease in movement through deliberate effort, thus her teachings integrate numerous modalities, balancing the somatic aspects of yoga with the most current exercise science. Bringing the most useful and applicable pieces of that science into the yoga community is her passion. She regularly contributes to teacher training programs and leads workshops and courses worldwide. Her book, Yoga Biomechanics: Stretching Redefined, is due to release in 2019. As adjunct faculty at ASU, she serves as a yoga consultant on various research studies measuring the effects of yoga therapy on special populations. Her most influential teachers include Leeann Carey (Yapana Yoga), Gil Hedley (Integral Anatomy), John Casey (yoga philosophy and Sanskrit), and the many dedicated scientists who collect, analyze and publish data so we may continue to ask more questions, even when it invokes a discerning analysis of tradition.


More about Jules at

Charlie Reid:

Charlie Reid’s custom-tailored approach to fitness includes a detailed appraisal of your health history, movement screening/musculoskeletal examination, and goal-setting congruent with your health and fitness ambitions. He doesn’t use cookie-cutter programs, only sound principles based on your individual needs, applied judiciously over time.

Charlie’s personal research interest, writing, and teaching centers around strength and mobility training. In particular, examining and interpreting the scientific literature on–but certainly not limited to– stretch physiology, strength and conditioning, and neuroscience research. His health-first approach looks at mobility as an indicator and a pre-requisite of physical health that precedes all other movement qualities. Be mobile, be strong, and move how you want to move.

In addition to his fitness coaching experience, he also hosts continuing education events for fitness and medical professionals, teaches workshops throughout the year, and consults with companies on various corporate wellness projects.


More about Charlie at

Trauma Aware Yoga Certification- Practice Approaches for PTSD, Depression & Anxiety

with Erin Byron, MA counselling psychology, E-RYT500, C-IAYT, YCEP, Licensed Mental Health Professional
October 26 & 27th , 2019
Early bird $495 + GST
Open to yoga teachers & practitioners, mental health professionals & trauma survivors

Sample learning objectives:

  • Elucidation/explanation of PTSD and trauma symptoms
  • Keys to remember when experiencing these symptoms or working with people who might be
  • Tips to protect students’ safety
  • Evidence-based yoga tools and a range of effective practices
  • Discover checklist to create yoga for trauma sequence
  • Discerning the symptoms of trauma, depression & anxiety
  • Relate the ancient wisdom of yoga to the current issue of trauma
  • Address the impacts of trauma & abuse on the teacher-student relationship
  • Strategies to avoid common mistakes when working with trauma survivors or living with trauma
  • The role of addictions & their effect on yoga practice
  • Everyday ways to employ many deep benefits of yoga for trauma/PTSD
  • Learn the stages of trauma recovery
  • Understand the concept of post-traumatic growth and how to foster it in students and your own life
  • Experience how yoga promotes the transformation/transmutation of traumatic energies and experiences

Erin Byron, MA, is a psychotherapist, yoga therapist, author and speaker. Her most recent book, Yoga for the Creative Soul, has been greeted with much acclaim. Erin loves to travel, presenting personal transformation intensives at retreat centres, businesses, and wellness clinics. Themes such as Transforming Feelings, Unleashing Creativity, and Yoga for Mental Health help you use pain to create a better world for yourself and others. Her presentation style integrates yoga, psychotherapy, and expressive arts activities with humour and experiential learning. She has a knack for simplifying deep concepts so you can easily apply them to your everyday life.

More about Erin at

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